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Center for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

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The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence lab of Ramanujan College was established on November 2013. There are 14 firebird robots, 1 hexapod robot and other equipment worth 6.5 lakhs. The lab has become a testing ground for upcoming robotics engineers. The lab is always busy with students performing different kind of experiments on robots. The robotics society of the students community named as ROBONAUTS was formed in November 2014.

The team of ROBONAUTS represented the college in Antardhvani 2015.The team displayed various kinds of robots which included the spectacular Hexapod robot and Firebird robots. The major attraction of the stall was the Hexapod robot which caught the eye of every visitor to the stall due its eye-catching mechanized movements. Visitors to the stall, comprising of students, teachers and professionals from all over Delhi University were impressed with various kinds of robot performing tasks in synchronization. More than 150 people gave their encouraging reviews on the stunning display of robots. Students from different colleges who were awestruck by the show requested workshops in their respective college by ROBONAUTS. The delight of the team of Robonauts was profound, when Vice Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Singh took personal interest in the robots displayed by the team and appreciated the hard work of the Robotics Society. The college has been selected for attending a short course on Robotics in London by the university.

The lab is presently working on two projects:

1. A robotic project for differently abled persons

2. A project on controlling robots through brain computer interface.